Senior Pastor

Brandon Galbreath

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Brandon was born and raised in Portland, Texas and has served churches and nursing homes in the Coastal Bend area since 2015. Brandon began serving as the interim pastor in January 2020 and became the fulltime Pastor in May of Bethel Baptist Church in Ingleside, Texas. He and his wife Shay are the proud parents of two sons, Samuel (11) and Bennett (2). Brandon has a heart for God and His people, and he delights in serving and equipping God’s people for ministry. This follows his own philosophy of ministry and the mission statement of Bethel Baptist. This means to develop God’s people into Christ-like maturity and to equip the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. (Matthew 22:36-40 and Matthew 28:19-20

The Plan: Lead the members of the church to make a great commitment to the great commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and the great commission Matthew 28:19-20) through the five vital experiences. 1. Worship – The celebration of God for who He is, what He has done, is doing, and for what we expect Him to do. (To love God with all our hearts is worship) 2. Evangelism – The communicating of God's word through word and deed evangelism. (To make disciples is evangelism) 3. Discipleship – The educating of God's people bringing them from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity in such a way that they are able to repeat that process with someone else. (To teach them all things… is discipleship) 4. Fellowship – The joining together of God's people for the mutual sharing of the love and life of Christ between believers. (To baptize is to include in fellowship) 5. Ministry – Meeting the needs of others through love. (To love your neighbor as yourself is ministry)

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Worship Leader

Robert Perry

Robert grew up as a self proclaimed USMC Brat, moving often.  He finally settled here in Ingleside with his wife Diane. He has been a member of the Bethel family since September of 2001.  He has known of his musical gifts since he was a teen, and now blesses us each Sunday by leading our worship services and gracing us with his great tenor sound!  Robert also has the gift of teaching and has taught adult Sunday School classes for many years.  We are so blessed to have him as part of our family here at Bethel.  When he is not worshiping our Lord here at Bethel Robert likes to experience the grandeur of God directly.  Hiking, camping, and backpacking are a few of Robert's hobbies.  As well, he enjoys antiquing with his wife Diane.  When you see Robert make sure you take the time to thank him for all of the time and effort he takes into coordinating our worship services!


Kay Berthold

Deacon Chairman

Karl Ladewig

Karl Ladewig is one of our founding members of Bethel Baptist Church. Karl was born and raised right here in Ingleside, Texas. As Deacon Chairman, Karl is responsible for many different church ministries, operations, logistics, and activities. Deacon Karl is a great example of what it means to be a deacon. Like a pastor, deacons are called to be servants and thus serve. Karl serves his church, ranging from prayer concerns, church operations, important decisions, advising and assisting the pastor, church security, maintenance, and even cutting the grass every week. Karl and his wife Lillie have been married for over 50 years.

"Lillie has always been there for me and much of what we do is a joint effort."

Indeed, Karl and Lillie Ladewig make a great team. Lillie also serves in various roles at the church; one of those roles is providing daycare during Sunday Worship service. Note: (We are in the process of bringing back Children's Church due to our numerical growth.) Karl and Lillie have several children and grandchildren. 

Sound Board

Bob Moncrief

Bob Moncrief directs and operates our in-house sound systems. He ensures that only the best audio quality is delivered for both our in-house and live stream listeners. Bob served his country in the United States Navy. He is married to his wife Charlotte. They have several children and grandchildren.

Media Team/Sound Board

Matthew Pace

Matthew enjoys praying for people all over the world. Each Sunday, he brings several prayer concerns to Pastor Brandon. Bethel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to prayer because, Matthew keeps his church up to date on all the latest news worldwide. Brother Matthew enjoys building model boats and cars and completed the most complex Lego projects. His mom, Kitty Pace was influential in his walk with Jesus Christ. Although, Kitty was called home to Lord in 2021 she still remains close to Matthew’s heart and her life lessons continue to mold both Matthew and his twin brother Manley.


Manley Pace

If you live in Ingleside, then chances are you have met Manley. Brother Manley, enjoys talking to people about Jesus and leading his church in prayer. His hobbies include riding his bike around town and reading. Manley's long-term goal is to open up a truck stop with a church in the middle of it. His vision also includes a Christian bookstore, a baptistry, Chic-Fa-Lay and KFC inside his truck stop. His mom, Kitty Pace has been influential in his walk with Jesus Christ. Although, Kitty was called home to Lord in 2021 she still remains close to Manley's heart and her life lessons continue to mold both Manley and his twin brother Matthew.

Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Charles Fake


Interim pastor at Bethel, Ingleside (1998-2000)
Interim pastor at Bethel, Ingleside (2011-2012)
Named Pastor Emeritus, Bethel, Ingleside, 2012
Interim pastor at Bethel, Ingleside (2013-2014)
Interim pastor at Bethel, Ingleside (Dec 2014-Jan 2020)